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Health and Wellbeing


Clients have treatments for a variety of reasons.  Some use it alongside conventional medical care, to help them manage and cope with a specific physical, mental or emotional problem.  Others use it as a means of relaxation, or to help maintain good health and a sense of general wellbeing.

Sports massage is beneficial if you have particular injuries or specific issues with your posture.

The complementary therapies aid relaxation and reduce stress to help you cope with every day life.

Those who have a medical condition, who are taking medication, are pregnant or breast feeding should consult their GP, midwife or other health professional before having any treatments.


Whether you attend a group class or book a one to one session, I will endeavour to consider your individual needs.

With my experience working with clients to aid in recovery from injuries, health issues and any general stress, I now want to help you take the next step.  We can work together to help you move your body to build strength, flexibility and awareness of how you feel and move.

Pilates works to encourage mobility, strength, balance and to improve your posture.

Classes are suitable for all ages, small and friendly and you are encouraged to work to your level and enjoy the sociable class environment.

Why visit Helen

I have been working with individuals for ten years now, using my training in massage and holistic therapies to create bespoke treatments to suit their needs.

I am now combining that knowledge with my training in Pilates to offer more support with their movement.

I know we are often too busy to think about ourselves, some of us are very active and others have a more sedentary lifestyle.  With my training in soft tissue work and Pilates, I can work to help you keep active, mobile and flexible, whilst helping to reduce any stress and tension you may have.

I know how important it is to look after ourselves, I have had regular massages and like to try other complementary therapies as often as I can.  I have been attending Pilates classes for a number of years now and I notice how well I feel after each class.  Combining the two helps me keep fit and well and I feel strong and able to carry out my work each day.

Step 1

How do you feel mentally and physically and how are you looking after yourself, do you need more self care?

Step 2

Contact me to discuss how I can help.

Step 3

Working together we can get you moving and feeling better.